More New Client Inquiries Every Month. Guaranteed.

We harness the power of behavioral data and online advertising to drive massive amounts of high quality inquiries to your practice like clockwork.

We harness the power of social media and A.I. technology to drive massive amounts of high quality inquiries to your practice like clockwork. 

Real-Time Inquiries

Our platform almost instantly delivers highly targeted prospects inquiring about your offer in real-time. All inquiries are tracked and measured.

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee at least 50 targeted inquiries per month, or we pay out of pocket to generate them. That's our Iron Clad Guarantee.

Predictable Growth

Imagine having an endless flow of new inquiries into your office PREDICTABLY every month. We'll help you hit your goals faster than ever before.

A PROVEN SYSTEM Delivering New Client Inquiries On Demand

Unlike most companies – we guarantee results by delivering massive amounts of new inquiries using a multi-channel approach to tap into a virtually endless supply of your perfect prospects.
  • Constant inquiries generated on behalf of your business so you never have to worry about relying on “hit-or-miss” marketing campaigns again.
  • Using Multi-Channel targeting we attract high quality leads from sources your competition doesn’t even realize exists yet.
  • Have complete control of how fast your business grows by turning the flow of leads “on or off” whenever you want.
  • Hot inquiries delivered in real-time so you can connect within seconds of them asking for more information.
  • Get a reliable stream of inquiries so you don’t have to worry about where the next lead is coming from.

Tap into the MASSIVE DATA on social advertising platforms to reach the best prospects most likely to give the highest-gross profits

The Proof

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David French, Founder

After building a successful web design agency and helping many local business owners build a digital brand online, David went on a mission to develop a system that rapidly impacted business growth. Now, Active Spark Marketing helps business owners across the country to grow  more rapidly by leveraging online behavioral data and massive client attraction.

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